Pediatrician, Teen Health Expert, Speaker, Consultant

Anisha helps teens, parents, professionals and organizations navigate adolescence successfully.

Dr. Anisha Abraham leads interactive workshops and seminars, using her years of experience as a practicing physician, researcher, speaker, and consultant. Anisha addresses the important issues that many teenagers face, including handling relationships, body image, and stress. She provides cutting-edge tips and strategies in a way that is practical, engaging and humorous. Anisha is a pediatrician and teen health specialist on faculty at the University of Amsterdam and Georgetown University Hospital. Watch her TEDx talk: Demystifying Teens.

Workshops for teens

It’s not all anxiety and drama.

Anisha offers workshops for teens that are fun, informative, and interactive.

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WORKSHOPS For parents

Every age has its own parenting challenge.

Anisha can help parents employ strategies that enrich their relationship with their teens.

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WORKSHOPS For Schools and organizations

Institutions working with adolescents need to stay on the cutting edge. 

Anisha works with schools and organizations to address the current needs of adolescents and to keep outreach and curriculum up to speed. 

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Seminars and consulting for

       Companies must communicate with youth responsibly.

Anisha helps organizations ensure their communication is both effective and appropriate.

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Why would anyone take a poisonous snake home from the zoo?

Watch Anisha's TEDx to find out.

Dr Anisha Abraham, MD, MPH, FAAP speaks at a TEDx Wilmington 2015 on Demystifying Teens.