Dr Abraham is a published scientific researcher in peer reviewed journals

Selected Publications: General Adolescent Health

Knowledge, attitudes, and consequences of menstrual health in urban adolescent females
AM Houston, A Abraham, Z Huang… – Journal of Pediatric and …, 2006 – jpagonline.org
There is a lack of current information concerning the knowledge and attitudes of urban adolescents regarding menstruation. The purpose of this research was to determine:(1) The prevalence of dysmenorrhea, premenstrual symptoms and other

Delivery of Adolescent Health Care
A Abraham, K Hawkins – Textbook of Clinical Pediatrics, 2012 – Springer
Adolescence, the transition between childhood and adulthood, is defined by the World Health Organization as the time period between ages 10 and 18 and by the American Academy of Pediatrics as ages 11–21. Taking care of adolescents requires a different

Special Adolescent Concerns: Transition to Adult Care
A Abraham, K Hawkins – Textbook of Clinical Pediatrics, 2012 – Springer
Transition is defined as the process of transferring care from a pediatric to an adult health-care practice or reorienting within a family medicine or internal medicine pediatrics practice, so that an adolescent assumes responsibility and management for his or her health

Psychosocial aspects of chronic illness in adolescence
A Abraham, TJ Silber, M Lyon – The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 1999 – Springer
Success in the survival of children with significant medical conditions has resulted in a dramatic increase in the prevalence of adolescents with chronic illness. Unfortunately, the traditional biomedical approach does not prepare practitioners for the complexities

Adolescents’ social environment and depression: social networks, extracurricular activity, and family relationship influences
MJ Mason, C Schmidt, A Abraham, L Walker… – Journal of Clinical …, 2009 – Springer
The present study examined components of adolescents’ social environment (social network, extracurricular activities, and family relationships) in association with depression. A total of 332 adolescents presenting for a routine medical check-up were self-assessed for

Association of multiple behavioral risk factors with adolescents’ willingness to engage in eHealth promotion
KP Tercyak, AA Abraham, AL Graham… – Journal of Pediatric …, 2008 – academic.oup.com                                                           This study examines adolescents’ willingness to use the internet and other forms of technology for health promotion purposes (ie,“eHealth promotion” willingness) and determines if a relationship exists between adolescents’ behavioral risks and their eHealth …

Adolescent caffeine use, ADHD, and cigarette smoking
LR Walker, AA Abraham, KP Tercyak.. – Children’s Health Care, 2010 – Taylor & Francis
The purpose of this study was to describe the prevalence of adolescent caffeine use and its association with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and cigarette smoking. A total of 448 adolescents between the ages of 13 and 21 years presenting for …

Adolescents and driving: A position paper of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine
BL Halpern-Felsher, A Abraham, L Dangelo – Journal of Adolescent …, 2010 – jahonline.org
Motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of mortality and severe morbidity among adolescents and young adults. All states have changed their drivers’ licensure laws to make the process of obtaining a license more protracted and focused on

Correlates of adherence to a telephone-based multiple health behavior change cancer preventive intervention for teens: The Healthy for Life Program (HELP)
MKE Sharff, LR Walker, AA Abraham..– Health Education & …, 2012 – journals.sagepub.com
This study examined factors associated with teens’ adherence to a multiple health behavior cancer preventive intervention. 

Cost Effectiveness of Routine Screening for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia When Obtaining Pap Smears in Urban Adolescents
J Fanburg, J Ling, A Abraham, E Arce – Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Health 1998 – Elsevier
Most adolescent females are tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia during any pelvic exam. We hypothesized that empirically obtaining these tests at time of routine Pap Smear is not cost effective because the prevalence of gonorrhea and chlamydia in the …


Adolescent exergame play for weight loss and psychosocial improvement: a controlled physical activity intervention
AE Staiano, AA Abraham, SL Calvert – Obesity, 2013 – Wiley Online Library
Overweight and obese youth, who face increased risk of medical complications including heart disease and type II diabetes, can benefit from sustainable physical activity interventions that result in weight loss. Objective: This study examined whether a 20-week …

Competitive versus cooperative exergame play for African American adolescents’ executive function skills: Short-term effects in a long-term training intervention.
AE Staiano, AA Abraham, SL Calvert – Developmental psychology, 2012 – psycnet.apa.org
Exergames are videogames that require gross motor activity, thereby combining gaming with physical activity. This study examined the role of competitive versus cooperative exergame play on short-term changes in executive function skills, following a 10-week …

Motivating effects of cooperative exergame play for overweight and obese adolescents
AE Staiano, AA Abraham, SL Calvert – 2012 – journals.sagepub.
Background: Exergames (ie, video games that require gross motor activity) may provide intrinsically motivating experiences that engage youth in sustained physical activity. Method:Thirty-one low-income 15–to 19-year-old overweight and obese African American …

The Wii club: Gaming for weight loss in overweight and obese youth
AE Staiano, AA Abraham, SL Calvert – GAMES FOR HEALTH …, 2012 – online.liebertpub.com
Abstract Our 20-week “Wii Club” intervention for overweight and obese adolescents demonstrated weight loss, increased self-efficacy, and improved peer support from cooperative exergame play. Videogames that require motor activity in a social context may …

Lifestyle intervention using an internet-based curriculum with cell phone reminders for obese Chinese teens: a randomized controlled study
AA Abraham, WC Chow, HK So, BHK Yip, AM Li… – PloS one, 2015 – journals.plos.org
Objectives Obesity is an increasing public health problem affecting young people. The causes of obesity are multi-factorial among Chinese youth including lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. The use of an internet curriculum and cell phone reminders and

Screening Teens

Screening military dependent adolescent females for disordered eating
JB Caboot, CA Robinson, AA Abraham… – Military …, 2007 – academic.oup.com
Eating disorders are increasing in frequency among adolescents. The active duty military population has a high prevalence of eating disorders. This study, conducted at a major medical center, determined the prevalence of disordered eating among military dependents

Health Risk Screening Practices by Providers and Associated Factors Among University Students in Hong Kong
A Abraham, CH Lau, L Wong, JH Kim – Journal of Adolescent Health, 2013 – jahonline.org
Purpose The prevalence of health issues such as depression, eating disorders and internet addiction has increased significantly among teens in Hong Kong. Despite the importance of targeted health risk behaviour screening and counselling for adolescents on issues

A School-based Health Promotion Program to Promote Physical Activity Among Young Adolescents in Hong Kong

A Abraham, A Lee, EAS Nelson, JSK Yue… – Journal of Adolescent …, 2015 – jahonline.org
Purpose Despite the strong evidence for the benefits of physical activity on the health and development of young people, the majority of the Hong Kong adolescents have sedentary lifestyles. A recent study found that less than 10% of teens engaged in 60 minutes or more...

Validating a Chinese Version of the GAPS Questionnaire to Examine Health Risk Behaviors and Depressive Symptoms Among Undergraduate Students in Hong …
YL Zhu, BHK Yip, L Wong, A Abraham – Journal of Adolescent Health, 2014 – jahonline.org
Purpose Unhealthy habits and risk behaviors like smoking, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol use in youth are associated with serious health problems such as psychological disorders, cardiac and respiratory diseases, cancer, complicated pregnancies and deliveries …

‘Let’s talk about sex’–A Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice study among Paediatric Nurses about Teen Sexual Health in Hong Kong
LHL Wong, SWY Lee, AA Abraham – Journal of clinical …, 2015 – Wiley Online Library
Aims and objectives To explore the knowledge, attitudes and practices of paediatric nurses in Hong Kong towards adolescent sexual health issues. Background In Hong Kong, teens are becoming more sexually permissive. As a result, early sexual activity, Sexually …

A Abraham – BASICS IN ADOLESCENT MEDICINE: A Practice …, 2014 – World Scientific
Page 1. February 28, 2014 9:7 9in x 6in Basics in Adolescent Medicine b1416 ch65 65 SCREENING FOR VIOLENCE AND ABUSE Anisha Abraham TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 98. The second leading cause of mortality in adolescence is? A. Motor vehicle accidents …

Assessing an educational intervention to improve physician violence screening skills
A Abraham, TL Cheng, JL Wright, I Addlestone… – Pediatrics, 2001 – Am Acad Pediatrics
Objectives. Health professionals play an integral role in assessing the risk of violence in their patients. However, there have been few evaluations of violence prevention education programs for health care personnel. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects

Association between internet addiction and high-risk sexual attitudes in Chinese university students from Hong Kong and Macau                                                                                                                                                                                                               YJ Ding, CH Lau, KL Sou, A Abraham, S Griffith, JH Kim-Public Health-2015

Cosmetic Surgery and Teens

Adolescents, celebrity worship, and cosmetic surgery
A Abraham, D Zuckerman – Journal of Adolescent Health, 2011 – jahonline.org
The surge in TV shows, Web sites, and advertisements featuring cosmetic surgery haschanged public perception of “ideal” beauty standards, raising expectations of beauty that are not obtainable by natural means [1][1]. Popular procedures among adolescents in …

Teenagers and cosmetic surgery: Focus on breast augmentation and liposuction 
D Zuckerman, A Abraham – Journal of Adolescent Health, 2008 – jahonline.org
Two of the most popular and controversial cosmetic procedures for adolescents are liposuction and breast implants. In this review article, the procedures are discussed. In addition, the physiological and psychological reasons to delay these procedures, including …

Global Health

The benefits of experiential learning in global public health                                                                                                               CXJ Hu, A Abraham, AK Mitra, S Griffin. Public Health. 2015 – journals.elsevierhealth.com

Routledge handbook of global public health in Asia
SM Griffiths, JL Tang, EK Yeoh – 2014 – books.google.com